Never Ending King of The Hill

Just had a never ending King of the Hill game. Each team had one point and the last objective was in the middle of the map. Each team would hold the zone but it would never capture or any progress would be made. Overtime hit and the game never ended. The counter never went down.

It’s because 343 has decided that no time limit games are the way forward which is utterly moronic. It’s especially bad when games glitch out like in Total Control. A semi consistent glitch where a point can’t get captured results in players having to quit as the game just goes on forever.

It’s insane how they haven’t thought of these basic things.

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When you are guaranteed only an exact amount of exp per match with no time bonus, it pumps up those player retention numbers to keep you in a long match for less gain. Executives these days cream when player retention goes up.

I just had a glitched round. It stopped counting anything on the hill just before our team scored, then didn’t work again for 2 minutes, going into overtime at 0-0 and only finally randomly working again when the other team occupied the hill after our team had given up on it and was off wandering the map,

Had a simlar problem a few days ago. No one scored at all and I ended up quitting.

Ah, classic 343 always changing the way Bungie implemented things. Like why can’t we just have normal KOTH lol

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