Never been able to actually play

Not once, since receiving my first flight test invite at the beginning of Autumn 2021, have I managed to successfully play this game when installed on console.
I have 4 Xboxes (incl Series X) in my home and I’ve tried on all of them. Other profiles do work however.
I can also stream the game when I have an active Game Pass subscription, it’s not something I can have all the time though (plus the input delay is just infuriating in PvP).

I have had an open ticket with support since 8/12/21 and still have yet to receive anything more than the occasional notification of new updates and to try again and see if it’s working yet. That’s it.

I’d love to be able to whine about in-game bugs etc, but that’s a luxury I’ve yet to experience. Honestly it feels like I’ve fallen through the cracks despite my efforts in pushing for a genuine response via my support ticket, instead of the usual copy & paste response I receive every month or so.

I know I won’t get much help here, just clutching at straws tbh.


If other profiles work, then that sounds like an Xbox Live account error. I would say get in touch with them, but Microsoft support in general is garbage. You can try at least.


You get banned on XBL dude?

Honestly. Your not missing much


The tickets submitted to “support” are a waste of time. They’re useless

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Damn, kinda sounds like I’m the lucky one here, not being able to play.

Also, no Xbox Live bans on my account ever.

Can definitely agree that 343 support has been absolutely terrible so far. Thanks for the advice about it maybe being a Microsoft side issue regarding my profile. I’ll give them a yell.

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