Network options and/or regions, also Grenades

Dear 343i,

Hello, I’ve been an avid member of the community, have been playing halo since 01, and some other useless info you need to know. I have decided to resort to the forums to relay my feedback about halo infinite’s multi-player, first things first the gameplay is solid I have not had this much fun since halo 3/halo reach. My general concern however is your dedicated servers, it would seem no matter what the game still has a hiccup or two causing a lag spike to occur. I would recommend that you add a region selection, sorta like MCC has when you bring up the pause menu that works wonders!

Now, the second part of this post the grenades. In halo 5 the grenades were my bane of existence, after the update on tweaking weapons and such the grenades felt like they had too much radius or too much damage. The same way halo infinites grenades are they feel too strong, I want to go on a limb here and say I speak for my fellow halo players before halo 5 and would like to ask if you could somehow some way reduce the radius, or atleast reduce the damage the grenades do. I do not want to constantly be in a match where people forget that guns do exist in halo universe… So all in all that’s pretty much it I apologize for the lengthy post but hopefully you look into this and hear me out on the feedback thx for reading!


Very strongly agree about the grenades; the spam is outrageous in this game. The lack of Friendly Fire plus no indicators to let you know which grenades are dangerous is really bad, and the AoE feels enormous. I really wish they’d add the indicators back, and either reduce the AoE or make it so you spawn with only 1 frag.

I agree on the network. I’m wired up and have zero issues with other games or daily non-gaming functions (working off an azure virtual desktop and using MS Teams all fay for voip. Halo Infinite’s online is an absolute dice roll of unstable packets for me that ranges from one or two hiccups in a match to 20+ that can lead from simple stuff like rubber band movement to downright heinous like my projectiles (skewer or rockets) straight up disappearing and still costing my ammo/reloading. I’m super excited to play this Halo but after a few weeks of not seeing this behaviour smoothed out or not being able to find any concrete discussion of working on it I am a little concerned. Still, we’ll see what the new year brings.