network issues

last night i went on to matchmaking and for most of my session i kept on getting a ‘network difficulty’ notice after searching took place, it kept on saying on the screen, ‘cannot retrieve information from xbox live’

is this a Reach issue?? as i went through the connection test procedure on the settings menu on the dashboard and everything was fine,

i never really have any issues with my broadband speed/connection as it’s quite a good service and was just wondering if anyone else experienced this yesterday??

Yes I too had this. Cannot remember the exact time but it was in the evening UK time (give or take 7 hrs ahead of USA if thats where you are?).
I had the exact same message on screen and it would kick me from the searching lobby back to the playlist screen and say network problems etc.
When it looked at though it was fixed it then allowed me to search for longer then said ‘restarting search searching for suitable players’.
I re-downloaded my profile cleared my cache and it still did it. I just waited 30mins and it was fine after that.
I know it wasnt my connection either as I have very good connection.
However as I hear it, reaches server has had some issues over the last few days, so it may have been down to that ?
Friday night I had some games of firefight and the game started and then kicked me straight away. Did it 3 times in a row, then I left it 30mins and it was fine again. I even contacted who said live was working fine and I checked my internet that too was fine so they put it to an issue with 343i’s server.
I did find it strange though as some of my friends were in games ? I guess it effected some people not others.
Who is your service provider ?

Matchmaking on Xbox LIVE has been a bit dodgy lately, I heard Reach had issues last night but Reach, MW3 and other games have had issues in the past 1-2 weeks.

I’m in Scotland buddy, and with Talk Talk, who i’ve never had any issues with, their connection/speed is mostly always fine running at 7 or 8 meg!!

i Started playing about 10.30pm last night, thats when the problems started,

i too, noticed some of my friends were in matchmaking games and did’nt seem to be having the same problem, thats why i thought it may just have been me, but evidently not.

thanks for your reply, at least i know it was’nt my connection at fault,

btw, add me if you want for a game, my tag is my user name here!!

I have BT Infinity and its running 80 meg so it wasnt your connection coz it effected mine too.
Im form the UK in Surrey.

Yeah be good to have a few games sometime. Im no lifing this profile right now to get my 2nd inheritor account but sure if you wanna tag along for a few games let me know. As you, my waypoint name is same as my gamertag.

Mine was doing that yesterday nearly all day. So frustrating.

I even tried to hop on Halo 3 to avoid the issue and it did the same thing on H3!!! Which leads me to believe it is a 343 server issue…