Network Issues with Halo 5

I’ve been having some issues with connection during the coop campaign and in arena, I’ll be running and suddenly glitch back or be running around the map with noone else there. I have an open nat type and 20mb dl and 1.5 mb upload speed so I’m not sure what the issue is. Is there an additional port I need to open? I use a Linksys WET54GL wireless router and am hardwired. Any help is appreciated!

I have this issue too, I’ve tried reinstalling the game, running with dmz to the console, and even just connecting the console straight to the modem. So opening a port probably won’t be the fix.

There are a few Twitter posts on this issue where they are referring people here. The best part of is that there are many threads on this issue with no official word or troubleshooting steps. It would be nice to at least get an IP address to trace to so we can see where the issue is.

Yeah I’ve seen other people having some issues as well and I know a few of my friends have had the issue as well. Hopefully they release more info soon, if this issue and the spawns would be fixed Halo would be absolute gold!