Network down

I was in a middle of a ranked team doubles match and now the network is down!! Help’

Edit: Working again. Thank you <3

I have the same problem. When I click to search for a game (SWAT) it tells me: ''Unable to match. Matchmaking encountered networking difficulties." If I search again, it continues trying to start the search but does nothing. Restart didn’t fix the issue.
Time: 11.06. at around 2300 CEST.

I have had a similiar issue since June 9th, I can connect and play any mode just fine while using my mobile phones hotspot which I only have limited data on. However when I try to use my AT & T home service it continues to say I can not find a server suitable for members of my fireteam. The worst part is I can not even enter Forge, Campaign, or Custom Games while using my AT & T service either, any idea how I can remedy this problem as restarts have done nothing.

This always seem to happen around the time of big events such as E3, Comic Con, Pax, etc… and it is strange to say the least as any other game title works perfectly fine.