Network Disconnects Are Too Abundant and Netcode Needs Work

Playing ranked and I lose connection to the multiplayer session in ranked, it’s not my internet because my brother playing on the same internet was still connected and just fine.

Being unable to join a match after a disconnect and then being banned for these shotty servers is the most frustrating thing ever.

Also these dedicated servers favoring laggier connections is beyond frustrating esoecially when I’m being killed from behind walls.

I have 1gb internet it’s not me because I don’t have this problem in any game but Halo Infinite


This has been a thing since Halo MCC launch, same thing happened with Halo 5, I don’t think they will do something about it.

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Yeah getting shot round walls/cover is bad, even on 39ms servers its happening.
There is also a delay on damage taken sometimes, kinda hard to react to getting shot at when you dont know you are being shot at, then the server plays catch up & you get chunked.


I’ve noticed that too where I will be full health and suddenly one shot.

I’ve been seeing this quite a bit as well, both myself and lots of teammates just randomly disconnect and are booted back to the main menu. Never had this happen in MCC personally.

I haven’t suffered a disconnect yet but I do notice wildly fluctuating ping.

Typically I sit between 9 and 10ms, other matches I get as high as 145ms, which is less then enjoyable.

I wish I had 9 to 10ms. I’m wired to a 5ghz connection and I’m sitting at a constant 30-38ms. Highest ping I’ve ever had in a game and I live in the middle of the US.