Netcode fix would be huge (CO-OP DELAY)

I recently stopped doing the challenges co-op with my friend because of the co-op delay and disconnects that seemingly keep getting worse with each update.

If the netcodes were to ever actually be fixed, it would introduce a lot of amazing PvE content to the game, I’m talking Spartan Ops, Campaign missions/playlists matchmaking, a way to be able to do the PvE challenges entirely in matchmaking, where people who play this game mainly/exclusively for PvE are also able to gain XP by simply doing campaign missions. I could imagine them being rolled out every 6 months for each halo game with it’s campaign being added to MM as well.

Now I know that this has been mentioned a lot, but it’s been YEARS and I keep reading the same “it would take X amount of time to fix the netcode for each Halo game”.

This is just wishful thinking at this point, but seeing how many players complain about the co-op issues, and how many players are asking for Campaign Matchmaking, I felt like posting this as I also really want this to happen some day.


This really has to happen. I hope the MCC Team can take as much time as possible to make this happen for the MCC, its really multiplayer for the campaign the only part you cannot matchmake but have to invite people to play with you.

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Yes, it should be fixed/upgraded. Especially if they don’t return splitscreen. Both should be done though.

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If they do fix it, they should also fix AI syncing in MP so we can have amazing customs.

What are you referencing here?