this game has potential to be great but so many things need to be fixed and ironically its not the gun balancing is the issue.

personally, i feel grenades do way too much damage. every gun fight i get in the enemy just throws all his grenades at me because they know they’re way too strong defeats the purpose of gun skill.

also the melee lunge is way too long i cant tell how many times im in a gun fight and the enemy just pumps like 2 shots into me then lunges like 10 feet and gets a free kill again defeats purpose of gun skill.

the spawns are AWFUL. like if im playing btb or warzone i do not expect to spawn in the middle of the open in an enemies line of sight with no cover around or spawn right beside an enemy in my own base. sometimes ive even spawned inside the enemy base. the spawn logic needs a overhaul if you ask me.

the ghost and gungoose need a slight hell reduction because the amount of damage they do relative to their health is ridiculous.

team balancing seams non-existent i cant tell you how many games i loose due my teams incompetence yet the opposing team actually knows what they’re doing and because csr is based on wins i get put into a lower division because of it further increasing the chase of getting crap teams and forever being stuck in a low division.

finally the splatter, is completely broken. the hit box is stupidly big and the speed at which you get rewarded a kill is stupidly slow. and when dealing with how agile a ghost and gungoose is coupled with their health and damage they become one of the most annoying things to deal with.

im also going to add the fact that the hit detection never works when i play. ive shot people in the head when they have no shields and i die because they eat a bunch of bullets.

honestly the fact that most of these issues are even present considering pros play tested it is sad because to be it shows a half–Yoinked!- job which is pathetic on both the pros and 343