Nerf the Oni Scout warthog

Listen, I’m pretty much the only one other than 152 grinders who plays H5. Can I just get my wish and finally get a nerf for the ONI scout warthog?

Also fix breakout.

I appreciate you still playing the game, but you’re dreaming if you think there will be any sort of balance changes at this point, haha.


What does this mean?

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Clearly you don’t use the ONI Scout warthog.

Is that a reply to me? I have no idea what ‘get a nerf for the ONI scout warthog’ means. Oviously it’s some sort of gamer terminology, but means nothing to me.

Edit: System removed the quote of the previous post. I’m replying to the one above mine from @GDTaco “Clearly you don’t use the ONI Scout warthog.”

It means make the ONI scout warthog less powerful

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Ah, I see. Thank you

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Nerf and buff are common terms in gaming

OK. So do I assume ‘buff’ is the opposite of ‘Nerf’?

I’m sorry, but why are we still discussing balance changes in a game that is 6 years old - when they already completely halted all maintenance on it?

WHAT ARE YOU DOING PLAYING HALO 5 RIGHT NOW!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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