Nerf the gravity hammer

My problem is it’s op and way too inconsistent.
The 1st I hi a guy with a hammer that didn’t die n he right above me.
Then right after that I’m 10 feet away from him n he swings his and I die for the hammer. While in air, 10 feet away. Thats insane. It’s a frustrating weapon

“”"“Power weapon”"""
shouldn’t be overpowered…

Sure thing chief.

look at the other power weapons… the sword one hits and lunges, but at the cost of only hitting one target at a time and also it’s a melee
the sniper is a 1-2 hit sniper, but it’s only good if you can hit on point. also the small ammo you get from it
rocket launcher is an explosive AOE, for sure a 1 shot. but the cost is the big explosive hit box of it, meaning you could easily die from it
cinder shot 1-2 shots akin to the rocket launcher, but it also bounces meaning it doesn’t explode instantly, only after a bounce off of a cerface

the current grav ham has a looong reach and can two shot someone who’s RUNNING AWAY. the only cost is the slow swing speed. which really doesn’t matter since you’re still getting the kill, no matter how long it takes to swing the hammer down… the reach is that stupid. especially when combined with the grappling hook

Respectfully. That is a terrible Idea. It’s damage is good as is but it needs to swing a little faster

either a slower swing speed or a decrease in effective range… it could pair a lot better with the grappling hook

Since when? It’s always been a AOE weapon capable of killing multiple players in one swing without a direct hit.

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It is already a little bit too slow. I think the damage and range is fun. Like a video game should be. It would be useless if nerfed

Griff Ball is my main concern as well.

I think it could work well if there was a way to minimize the damage the hammer does to the ball carrier. Leave the sword as the anti carrier weapon, and the hammer can be used to push the carrier around.

Exactly. It is the GRAVITY HAMMER after all. Especially in the classic Halo’s

honestly? i’m fine with the damage and swing speed, just the range is annoying beyond belief to get killed by, and i feel bad for killing someone that should very clearly not be in the killing range of the hammer.
also… where’s the slight repulse and shove it gives to not only you, but to other players? the thing that especially made it fun

It does push players away and it sends objects flying

really? because i like never see that happen to either players or myself. if i look back and repel myself forward with the hammer, i don’t move a inch

I know that it definitely pushes other players away. I never tried propelling myself In infinite yet. I will try tomorrow. I will jump then swing at the ground

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Then remove the grappling hook, lmao. The hammer should have always been more like when the Brutes use it.

then that’d be removing a fun utility. if the range is decreased, grav ham + grappling hook would be the most fun and rewarding thing ever. timing it right for the hammer to land right as you land, and could be a double or more kill if it’s right into an unexpecting enemy team

Nah it’s literally no less OP if you nerfed the range. The grappling hook will always provide it with 5x more range.

assuming you don’t either die by the time you get there… also no? you’re pulling yourself closer, not extending the range. if that was the case, same would apply to the sword and shotgun.

also if hwat you’re saying is true, and it wouldn’t make a difference… i say it would. as it would require the USE OF THE SANDBOX, or earn a more satisfying kill

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I support this logic. How different is it from when we all had evade in Reach or our thruster packs in 4 and 5? We may have more range now, but it is slower and more predictable with the grapple hook.

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