Nerf the gravity hammer

I do like how the gravity hammer can counter the sword. I think that is a great addition. But, the gravity hammer used to be something that required a direct hit and skill to use. Now it seems to have a reach three times longer than the swing. It needs a huge nerf as it is OP

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It’s supposed to be OP.


I thought this at first, but since using the bulldog and battle rifle more I no longer think it does. Keep a little range with weapons like these and you can take down a hammer users. There’s not a lot they can do if you keep distance. This is actually how I got my weekly killing sprees. Kept distance with hammer users and stole their hammers.

You don’t like sniping with the grav hammer? Lololol

Not to the point it requires no skill to use

You have to keep a lot of range with it, to the point it becomes absured. the gravity hammer isn’t supposed to be an AOE weapon. It’s supposed to be an “Instakill if you get a hit” weapon.

Have you tried fighting a hammer user off with a bulldog? You don’t have to keep out of range of them hitting you, just far enough so they won’t one shot you. You can get the hits in to kill them before the second swing a lot of times.

That pulse tool as well is great, they go to swing then you pulse them back and are already shredding their armor before they can swing again.

OP means “overpowered”. Nothing is supposed to be OP.

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Less range and quicker fire up would be good.

I mean Power weapons are called power weapons because they are supposed to be OP. What so Rockets can’t be OP now? How about the Sniper Rifle or Energy Sword? No? What about grendaes?


I don’t know, the gravity hammer seems fine. If you don’t gauge the distance quite right, you leave yourself wide open. Sure, for close quarters, it’s pretty hard to beat, but it is a power weapon.

Power weapons are supposed to be OP compared standard weapons. For example, the Rocket launcher can one shot a whole cluster of people from across the map! The grav hammer is just the melee equivalent of that.

If you don’t swing quite right, you can get punished by the quicker melee power weapon: the energy sword. Or as @SuperKittyLeia said, even the bulldog. With Fiesta, I understand getting smacked down with a grav hammer sucks when all you get to spawn with is a plasma pistol and a sidekick. But at least with standard matches power weapons are fair game. They balance out with scarcity I feel.

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I say the gravity hammer is actually in a good spot. It’s awkward at first for those of us use to its old behaviors, but it actually feels like a power weapon now.

My only concern is how this will affect the return of Grifball.

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You need to close the distance to get the kill with it so I think it’s fine.

Stop calling for nerfs to weapons just because you died to it a few times.

Quit nerfing everything that’s fun to use And not nerfing the sidekick. FFS if everyone keeps it up that will be the only gun in the whole game

It’s literally always been an AOE weapon

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Neither does a shotgun

I’d actually argue it takes more skill to use now that they increased the windup time rather than it being a nearly instantaneous hit.

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you’re half right. in games of old, it never needed a direct hit. it was a counterpart to the sword. where one needed a direct hit for one kill, whiles the other was a small aoe to get multiple hits or kills. but also it didn’t have a lunge, so it did need skill.
i will say, however, the range of the hammer in infinite needs to be decreased. it’s annoying attempting to get away from a hammer, thinking out of range, only to realize the range is stupid long.
given the grappling hook, have it be a trade off. low range, but hella useful if used with a grappling hook. sandbox combination is always amazing

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I think the gravity hammer is actually useable now. Before in Halo 5, it was very situational but now with certain equipment and minor changes, I actually use it regularly like a sword.