Nerf the Eternal Warden

Final Round.
3:15 left.
You’ve just taken out the first two or three bosses that have exhausted two of your high-level reqs and made you wait thirty second waiting at a loading screen. The next three bosses are announced: Warden Eternal - well two ‘average’ and one ‘mythic.’
At least one guy from your team drops out.
You’re all -Yoinked!-. Not only is the Warden Eternal deadly accurate, but the three bosses are clustered in separate rooms in one of the Home Bases. Not only that, but they’re surrounded by countless minions that only serve to frustrate.
And only one person spawned a tank - and she’s halfway across the map moving at a snail’s pace as the countdown nears the final minute. There’s a battered wraith, a SPNKR, and some noob with a DMR. Again, you’re all -Yoinked!-. There’s nothing you can do except hurl yourself at the Wardens and die, wait thirty seconds, repeat. Oh wait - the round is over.

I have never won a single round where the 3 Wardens in a home base was the final objective. Skill is only a minimal attribute when facing down this objective. The only chance you have are tanks - and lots of them. That’s it. Otherwise, a team of randoms will 95% of the time fail.

My suggestions:

  • Nerf the hell out of the Bullet Sponge Eternal.
  • Add a TIME BOOST for when one of them is killed. Jesus Christ, why this wasn’t thought of is beyond me. How this was playtested and approved is beyond me (yes I’m mad, because I got served twice by the Eternal Warden and wasted an Ultra Rare Mission Victory). This time boost would encourage concentrated fire and teamwork to take one out, and give us a chance to finish this objective.
  • Spawn the 3 Wardens anywhere but the Home Base.

Sure they are overpowered, not sure what the best solution is without making it too easy but sure spawning out in the open might make it a less irritating since feels more like luck if we can kill all 3.

Was that you in my last game? I was the poor -Yoink- in the broken up Wraith basically sitting under one of the Wardens trying my best to melt him but with his broken EMP beam, he just kept shutting me down every few seconds.
I agree. Only time I have ever won on that map, literally the only victory I’ve seen in that frozen hell hole, was when it was the Hunters on the opposite side. And yeah, that still took a few tanks and a good group of randoms who didn’t die and pulled out the big guns.
Hate those home base spawns. Your limited in how you can approach and if that’s not bad enough, they are initially choked off with multiple high end jerkwad enemies that eat up your time and ammo before you can even see the true bosses.

I honestly think they didn’t play test this. They saw that it was being viewed as too easy in Beta and so just ramped it up to 11 without testing it to see if it was playable more then 75% of the time.
I don’t want to win all the time and have it be too easy. But I also don’t want to only win 24% of the time and have used up a ton of REQ’s with little to show for it either.

I’m not gonna disagree. But what might do the trick, going forward, is a mix of high-rank REQs with a damage boost. I was pleasantly surprised by how much damage the Answer dealt to the Warden Eternal when I snuck behind him – and I suspect the SAW in general delivers the most murder across the ammunition provided for it.

That said, I was just in that predicament this morning, and what I found is that between the Answer (6 points) and Damage Boost (4 points), I didn’t have time to get behind a Warden before we were too fargone to recover.

Firefight definitely has this core issue of reliance on bullet sponges for difficulty. Probably has to do with how little time they had to develop it, and what resources they had.

If they’re going to stuff him in the back of home base, could they at least reduce it to just one Warden? I mean, how do they expect us to take down anywhere from one to four other bosses, then deal with three Wardens located where vehicles that do heavy damage can’t reach?

The Wardens wouldn’t be nearly as bad if there weren’t a thousand Knights and Soldiers guarding them. It’s near impossible to break through that wall, and most of the time if you get lucky you can take 2 of 3 out, but then you’re usually left with a minute at best to take out the Mythic version. They need to give you a time bonus for taking out a Warden. 5 minutes is not enough to take out everything. Especially considering the respawn timer.

> 2533274829873463;2:
> Sure they are overpowered, not sure what the best solution is without making it too easy but sure spawning out in the open might make it a less irritating since feels more like luck if we can kill all 3.

Yeah I agree, shouldn’t be too easy - but I haven’t won a single game with that objective, and I’m fairly decent.

I just think back to some of the thrilling boss fights I had in Destiny with randoms. Yes, some were bullet sponges too - but there was a level of interest in regards to design and AI that made it nail-bitingly fun and still a bit rage-worthy. I’ve only felt this way ONCE in Firefight when in Attack on Sanctum the two Wardens were in the central structure and eight of us were in there running, shooting, dodging, and distracting until they were done - it was hard, but it was fun, and it required tactics. Simply cramming three or four scorpions into a tight corridor and shooting… well… that’s just not too much fun in my opinion.

Warden doesn’t need to be nerfed. Honestly he’s easier to beat than grunt mech.

NERF all firefight.

Btw you can’t waste boosts anymore. They are returned to you.

> 2533274833569045;10:
> Btw you can’t waste boosts anymore. They are returned to you.

I just saw that! That’s a nice consolation lol

I won a match like that in the final second yesterday. Kuddo’s to my team, badasses.

The way you described it is just hilarious :joy:
“Some noob with a DMR”

Urban has two mythic wardens. Like wth :frowning:

Also you can only cram so many tanks wraiths and Manti in the home base.

Maybe they should spawn elsewhere

> 2533274968393436;14:
> Urban has two mythic wardens. Like wth :frowning:

communicate with your team. Have 3-4 constantly shooting at 1 warden. 2 people on wraith and banshee duty till they are gone. That leaves 1-2 people to be dead or assisting with either objective. My fireteam beat the two wardens with 50 seconds left last night

Warden ain’t the problem, they drop relatively fast depending on focused fire and if you’re hitting them in their weak spot. It depends on how much crap is protecting Warden.

Not I wouldn’t mind a slight nerf on Goblin, but not yet because I haven’t really tried to shoot the Grunt through the shield.

I agree completely. Firefight is tough enough as it is. After overcoming all of the other challenging rounds only to fail because of lack of time as a result of a bullet sponge surrounded by enemies is not fun. They need to add time to mythic final rounds and maybe not have as many minions spawn around them.

The answer to your question is “The Answer”, it melts Wardens. Also high end plasma casters. If you have five people people firing on a Warden with The Answer, it will go down quicker than using a couple tanks.