Nerf the AR and make headshot damage count before the shield is down

The AR is fine as is, The AR is a staple of Halo close combat and is a good gun, I dont like battle riffle distance gunplay as I play on high sensitivity and find it hard to get head shots from a distance so AR is more comfortable than BR for me, And I use to hate being hit by 3 peoples BR from half the map away, just not fun. The BR is best used to hit them a few times then move in for a Melee, same strategy I use in Halo 3.

How do you delete somebody else’s post for them? Asking for a spartan…

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Cuz there’s a shield around you. How does this not make sense.

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Not only did progression not take that long in old Bungie/ Original Reach, they actually let you buy the cosmetic items you WANTED back in those days with exclusively in-game currency. What a time to be a gamer, that was.

R.I.P Multiplayer games just being games and not a money making factory.

nah…the AR hasn’t been a fun weapon to use in a long time…this is perfect.

No, the AR works perfectly in this game currently. It’s the Sidekick that needs tweaking, it dominates everything besides very long range weapons

This has never been a thing in any halo, ever.

Sorry but that is terrible advice. Strafe and 4 shot them

Nay, the AR is pretty good. What I can advise for you my friend is to practice at the Weapon Drill or Training. Get used to the recoil and range of the AR, play around with it and soon you’ll unlock its potential! :+1:

What are you talking about? Their never was extra headshot damage if your shooting a shielded opponent. The BR was (and still is, dunno why you think it isn’t anymore) a 4 shot because if you landed all your shots, the second to last bullet would down their shields, and if the last shot was a headshot then it would kill because your headshot was on an unshielded opponent.

Extra headshot damage to shielded opponents would be terrible for Halo.


In halo 3 it didn’t break the shield it had bleed through. Where if any of your last 3 shot burst hit the head it was a kill. Same thing here I think

Headshot damage never applied until shields were down; in any Halo game. It doesn’t need to be changed.

Adding playlists, playlist selection, and weapon adjustments. I would agree on.

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All these “skilled” players all the sudden can’t cope when their crutch weapon (BR) is no longer the king of all multiplayer.

IDK how headshot damage before shield-pops would help against an AR since it now also does more damage to the head unlike in 3 and Reach.

Playlists yes.

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