Nerf the AR and make headshot damage count before the shield is down

I understand the thought process behind making the AR better. It lowers the skill floor and allows casual players to compete against the more precise BR and pistol. BUT it kills the unlimited skill ceiling that Halo was traditionally known for. One fix for this would be to make headshot damage higher before shields are depleted like back in Halo 3 and Reach. This game so far feels like a return to the glory days with similar mechanics to 3 and Reach. Very happy 343 learned from the disaster of Halo 4 and 5 and somewhat got back to the franchise’s roots.

For those complaining about the progression system, this is very “on brand” for the old Bungi and 343. In Reach, it took real time to progress in the game. This isn’t Call of Duty where Activision hits you with a serotonin overload by constantly rewarding you for every thing you do in the game. I am just hoping you can unlock armor (aka the Katana or Recon) via completing complex challenges instead of just buying your way down the battle pass.

Other things I would like to see in the final game:

  • GriffBall
  • Skulls in Campaign
  • Forge
  • Team Swat
  • FFA

Absolutely not.

The Assault Rifle is actually a viable weapon and not something that you just get rid of at every opportunity.

There would be no reason to use energy weapons over just precision weapons if headshot multipliers counted with shields still up.

Finally, the progression system is very different to say that in Reach

  • in Reach yeah, progression was relatively slow but not as slow as it is currently, and you had the choice of what items you wanted to spend your credits on, so if it was slow, it didn’t matter as much because that progress went directly to things you wanted, instead of being stuck on a common pathway with no ability to direct your efforts to a certain item.

  • Like if I want the ODST armour, in Reach i could use the credits I earned from each game and directly apply them to those pieces. In Infinite, I’ve probably a few hundred-hour slog I need to get past because I cannot choose what I want to unlock first


hell no, it the AR is finally viable. By nerfing the assault rifle, it practically makes it useless against most weapons. The BR is precise and good mid-long range. The AR is now a good auto short-medium range. The weapons all in all feel very balanced in their respective field.


The only thing the AR needs is a slight range nerf. The damage output is fine, and that definitely doesn’t need to be increased with shield headshot damage.


I am saying headshots should be more damage for precision weapons. Why should someone shooting your feet with an AR get as much damage as a pistol to the head?

If anything it needs the headhsot multiplier removed

AR needs a nerf to its RRR and DMG
a nerf to its RRR and remove the headshot multiplier


Because it balances the game so people aren’t forced to use only precision weapons and ignore the rest of the sandbox

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Why should it do more headshot damage than precision weapons? No weapon gets headshot multiplier when shields are up. That’s the point of a shield, the bullets don’t actually hit you so the damage is equal no matter where they land.

That’s how it has always worked in Halo. You focus midsection for shields and once they pop, you go for headshots. The fact that the AR actually has a headshot bonus when shields are down, whereas in older games where it had no multiplier, should be enough.


Bullets never did headshot damage through shields. The only thing I can imagine you’re thinking of is bleedthrough which I believe is already in the game.

However I agree the AR needs a nerf. Its fine to have it be a good weapon, but its not ok for it to be contesting BRs/Commandos at mid-long range and without descope.


The AR is a viable weapon for the first time in a long time in Halo. The shields shouldn’t receive more damaged just for the place that you are shooting, they are shields. This damaged that you receive is for the weapon that you are being shot at.

But I agree with you I would love to play Team Swat and FFA. This game modes are the best.

As for the armor, I believe that 343 I. Is doing a great job working around the Fall of Reach. This means that we can be able to see other armors of other generations of Halo.


I don’t know which version of halo you’ve played but halo 3 definitely did not have headshot multiplayer without shields being down, which makes sense at least lore wise. If the shields protect the whole body, why would the protect the head less than any other part.

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Headshot on Shields should never be a thing.
This puts too much power on Precision weapons.

AR may still need a slight long range spread nerf because I can still get pelted by it from Shade Turret to Shade Turret on Deadlock but it’s definitely shaping up to be our core weapon now.

As an AR fan and someone who judges Halo games by how good their AR feels, I like Halo Infinite’s AR’s power level atm as a bread and butter weapon.

BR still beats it at super long range, and that’s okay. Commando needs some serious work. Stalker also beats it at super long range.

This much is fine for now. What needs focus atm is increasing the threat level of weapons matching the AR’s range. These are weapons like :
-Bulldog (which is more akin to a Scattershot weapon in terms of range viability than a shotgun)
-Pulse Carbine

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It didn’t even do more damage when shields were down in 3.

Honestly I’m happy with how quick the ar kills . Even how easy it it to get on target and keep damaging I like the head shot buff they added to the Ar as well. But the range is insane on this gun , it needs to me taken down a notch the ar has no place engaging snipers and brs from medium to long range just as effectively .

Just remove the headshot bonus damage altogether, that’s the only nerf the AR needs.

With the amount of spread the AR has, there’s hardly any skill involved in landing headshots for bonus damage, it’s mostly luck. It works better on more accurate precision weapons like the BR and Commando where the skill ceiling is notably higher.

To compensate for the removal of the headshot bonus, the AR can receive a slight buff in general damage to make up for the lost headshot bonus damage so its killtime can remain virtually the same.

No then it’s TTK is increased even more. The sidekick already has a faster TTK than the AR. It should stay. Other wise the BR would be a close range weapon again. Cough Halo 5. Cough

For me I am having trouble deciding which weapon is for which situation, I feel AR should be the worst weapon in the game, something you wanna trade quickly by using your map knowledge to find a good replacement, though I’ll admit it has been fun using it.

I say just reduce the damage range on it and I’ll be happy.

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There was a definite decrease in TTK in 3 and Reach when using a BR and getting a 4 shot headshot. The 4 shot does not exist in Infinite. I generally agree the AR needs a range nerf. Players should not be spawning with the best weapon in the game. Especially when a few clips of the AR can destroy any vehicle. Players should be rewarded by accurately getting headshots vs the spray down method with the AR.

What are you talking about? The 4 shot is in Infinite and the TTK for the BR headshot is the same as in 3.

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The AR feels okayish for me, I wouldn’t mind a slight range nerf as others mentioned because I’m still sticking to the Sidekick as I feel it is more powerful (if you can land your headshots).
What I generally don’t like is how the BR completely overpowers most weapons including the Commando.

The shield idea is absolute trash though. We’re playing Halo here, not CoD or something like that. The shields are designed to withstand ballistic damage. There’s other ways to get rid of shields quicker.