Nerf that weapon please


H4 in its current state is impossible to play online. Every game feels like some variant of Action Sack where everyone spawns with a shotty.

The boltshot consistently beats POWER weapons like the hammer and the sword and also beats the shotty and the scattershot if lucky.

How would people have liked h3 if everyone’s secondary was a shotty? People compare it to the mauler, but in fact, it is a lot more powerful since it is 1 shot kill.

Please, 343, nerf the boltshot and make matchmaking be playable again. Right now, every other weapon kill is done by the boltshot which is probably not as you intended it.

PS: It doesn’t help the case either that the weekly challenge wants people to use their secondaries.

Agreed, players shouldn’t be allowed to spawn with a 1sk weapon.

I agree with you completely!!! but your about to get flamed soon, I made a thread like this earlier a few hours ago and more people came in said that the botlshot takes skill to use, other than those people who said it needed to be nerfed, just giving you fair warning.

throws flame suit to OP

If its impossible to play, then how am I playing it?

Jokes aside, the Boltshot really isn’t as much of a problem as people portray it to be. The range may be the only thing, but besides that, I’m fine with it.

It really isn’t that hard to counter. I constantly run around with fully automatic weapons and don’t have a very hard time with the Boltshot.

I will state that people sitting in corners with a Boltshot does getting annoying after a bit.

The bolt shot really is over powered… you can almost get 2 charges in by the time someone 4 shots you with a br/dmr

Beats power weapons? Never had that happen…

I can play the game without issue. Its easy to avoid being killed by the Boltshot. Learn to watch your radar.

Boltshot is epic. Nuff said.

stop whinnying about the bolt shot, what do you want a pistol to be an ordinance drop? Its not a shotgun it charges up and it requires skill to use, plus its for close rage only. many weapons are designed to have a second mode, the like the plasma pistol it charges up, so dose the bolt shot, The weapon is not even used that often, if the charge was removed it would not be used at all.