Nerf AR, Buff Motion Sensor

I’m sure these arguments have been made a thousand times already (because I’m not all that insightful), but one more person shouldn’t hurt.

ARs are currently far better than they should be in relativity to other weapons. It makes using precision weapons only viable only at longer distances, diminishing risk/reward opportunities. If a player chooses to use a precision weapon (which inarguably takes more skill to use than an AR) for a mid-to-close range battle, they should be rewarded with a little leeway. The ARs current effective range is also far too long, and again discourages the use of other weapons.

The motion sensor is currently next to useless because of its short range. If someone’s in your motion sensor range, and you didn’t notice them walk/sprint up to you, chances are you’re dead.

If 343 fixes these issues, I’d play this game daily.

Note, I’m not here to argue with anyone, and I won’t be doing so. I’d just like the devs to consider (yet) another case for a balanced game.


I agree, I say bring the damage range down and headshot multiplier gone.

I say they should put more effort into explaining the intended use for each gun, like why would I take a sentinel beam over an AR? Cause is penatrates them if they’re grouped up? Nade and AR them down sounds easier.

But I’ll say it is satisfying to kill with the AR, it just makes the other guns feel less useful in mid to close ranges, yanno?


Here’s what I think.

Playlists should have our classic Halo motion tracker or we should lose it completely and have a more robust ping system

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I’m up for anything different, tbh. The motion sensor feels pointless as is. A ping system could definitely be pretty cool though :thinking:

The AR is perfectly fine. They just need to buff the BR and pistol a small bit.


This would be good for socials yea.
For Ranked, the new Radar system does make some sense, but for good ol’ Halo and BTB? Just give us the old Motion tracker back.

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nah, the AR is fine the way it is.


The Assault Rifle is fine the way it is. It’s been the most usable it’s been since forever. That’s a fact.

Now, in my opinion, some of the other weapons need a buff. A lot feel completely useless in most cases. Bulldog isn’t very good. Pulse Carbine? Please, I’d grab literally any other weapon before I touch that. Stalker Rifle? Fahgettabouttit.


Commando could use… something done to it as well. Maybe less recoil and/or increased damage.


Yes, I can kill with it, but it’s still not very good. I am struggling to get a perfect for that achievement with it.

It’s not happening despite my many attempts.

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