Neon Superfly Neon Beat Store Rerun?

It seems so far all items that have been in the store have had or will have a rerun before season 2. The outlier seems to be the bundles featured during the Cyber Event.

That was a bad week for me and I missed them, but want them badly and have the creds ready for them, but I keep seeing people of the opinion those will not rerun. It seems to be a common assumption, being none of us know for sure save for 343 employees, that being part of the cyber event they are specialty one time items unlike any of the other store bundles. It’s a shame especially because the visor in Superfly goes better with Bleached Bone(zvezda) than anything else.

What do YOU think? If they do come back are you wanting them? If they don’t will that suck?

If any 343 people read this. well, don’t make me beg…harder. :grin:


Good taste. I wear that neon cyan visor with ZVEZDA and Bleached Bone. If you can’t tell from my pfp, black, white, and cyan are some of my favorite colors.

Idk when or why those items would return, but 343 hasn’t announced any events for Season 2 or 3, so maybe we will just get rerun events or something, idk.

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I also really want the Juice visor and neon beat effect to go with the OPI coating some magical random person gifted me on discord. Almost obnoxious shine and sparkle. The Purple Drank Demon. But I need the stuff!

Hey come on now there guys. I mean…come on.

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We don’t know whether some events will make a return.

Some people will say no, I’m going to say yes, but nobody has any confirmation whether any event is going to return alongside their respective store bundles.

Hrrngh PLEASE bring it back
I missed out on Neon Superfly by a week and I want it so bad

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Tomorrow maybe? I know the Superfly bundle is under the Tenrai background banners.


Another week of disappoint. And a third amd fourth run for tenrai stuff while the stuff I want can’t even get one more.

Stop fomoing me!

I really hope they don’t bring it back. I like the uniqueness and rareness of it. Bringing it back would just water it down

So literally every other thing gets to come back except this? That would be stupid, especially with the visor being literally the only one that goes with bleached bone. If they are going to pull this one time only crap with store items they better at least say so ahead of time so we know it’s our only chance…unlike literally everytbing else. Stupid tenrai crap has been up more than 4 times already.

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They still haven’t brought back the Forgotten Sands coatings bundle since Week 1 from the Tenrai event and it back again, Coatings are living up to its name

I don’t think other store items should come back either lol

you’re correct, this is the combo I usually stick with recently. I really hope some of these things come back too even tho I was able to pick up the event stuff. I have some friends who were also having rough time of it during that event and couldn’t play.

Something that could be fun and probably won’t be implemented is like. themed things that could be gotten after an event ends by playing the specific game type/acquiring some sort of exp towards those rewards? Like not exactly bring the event back but sort of like a back catalog of event items you can still work towards if you miss out. (i know that doesn’t jive with the FOMO focus they’ve got but… it’d be nice. :/)

I think there should just be a permanent shop with all the items and bundles. It just sucks for the people that want to buy an armor bundle they just absolutely love, but can’t afford it until next week, but then it’s either gone forever or is unknown when it will ever return. I feel like 343 would also make make profit because they would would be able to sell their bundles more often. Just have a list of bundles like there is for the esports team bundles and update the list when new bundles are released.


Exactly. And IF bundles are one time only let is know so we know.


Is this the end?

maybe tomorrow? I can’t remember when the season ends

Whatever we get tomorrow and the next 3 dailies will be the end of season 1. It’s the last chance.

I jave been Forsaken!

Yes please, bring back superfly neon! Thanks for posting this!