NeoDynasty Invitational Tournament LF 5 Teams

Hello, I’m hosting tournament and I am inviting you to come join in on the fun. The tournament is a double elimination tournament for no prize, settings will be Slayer DMRs 4v4, each match will be played with rounds best 2/3, the first two matches will be Slayer DMRs and if it is tied the last round will be objective CTF. The winner will be able to decide the map to play on, for the first round of the match the clan/team with the highest ranking player will choose first if there are two high ranks in the lobby from each clan/team the clan/team with the lowest rank will choose the map and if the same outcome happens it will be decided among the two clans/teams. A 5min wait time will be aloud for late a late clan/team. I will be accepting 5 clans/teams to join this tournament first come, first serve. Please provide your roster participating in the tournament and please * the clan/team member I may contact for further information for example, *MeatBeater. -Thank You.