Nemesis Mod

The specialization mod wasn’t really what I was expecting when I obtained it. It lasts only long enough to see it for roughly 2 seconds after spawning. It’s not really what I thought it would be. I assumed it would at least last a little longer. I figured the perk would be a little stronger since we have to work towards it at a higher level.

I was thinking that it should last at least a little longer so when I’m heading in that general direction I get an idea of where he may be, and while looking at him it tells me that he is my nemesis.

At least that’s what I think it should be, I was happy to play through and was expecting something similar to what I suggested but this wasn’t it. If anyone who played through the Stalker Spec can lay out there input that would be great as well.

Thanks for reading and hopefully it gets a buff one day! I’ll just try out the Tracker instead. :slight_smile:

All of the specializations seem either really underwhelming, or too situational to bother with.

If it was any more powerful people would yoink about it.

wow this kinda makes me mad… im currently 58 working on stalker, i thought it would “keep” a mark above the last person who killed you. Not just last 2 seconds… thats kinda pointless…

> If it was any more powerful people would yoink about it.

If it only last 2 seconds… I could just assume the team was on the other side of the map, as they usually are… -_-

There was a video back at one of those conventions showing off H4 where they showed the Nemesis mod. I thought it lasted a little more than 2 seconds, but it definitely didn’t last very long. That’s when I knew I wouldn’t use it.