Nemesis Clan Recruting

**Welcome to the Nemesis Clan!**The Nemesis is an active, hardcore Halo clan that thrives in competitive play and masters the battlefield of Warzone. We are looking for active members to join our clan as we are doing some amazing stuff with the clan! We are planning to have a YouTube channel with the clan that includes montages and commentaries! Once we have around 10 active Spartans, we will begin the YouTube plan.

Ruling The Competitive Arena
In The Nemesis Clan, we plan to rule the competitive stage. We play as a team and win as a team. Teamwork is key in Nemesis. Crush all opponents and take the victory.

Crush Foes in Warzone
We plan on invading the Battlefield of Warzone, crushing anything and anyone that stands in our way. Again, teamwork is the key to crushing the opposition in Nemesis.

Showing Our Skills
In The Nemesis Clan, we plan to start a YouTube Channel. On the channel we plan to post our team montages, dual montages, and even solo montages. Let’s show the world our skills. We will only start our YouTube channel once we have enough people committed to the clan.Apply Today! Let’s rule Halo 5!

If you have question regarding the clan, Contact:
Nemesis Clan Leader: EpicGamingLive

"Champions, Inheritors, Nemesis"

is this going to be Milsim based?

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> is this going to be Milsim based?