Nemesis armor mod is great!

I actually dont know because I dont have it yet. I just wanted to make a claim to attract people to this.

Anyway im close to getting it and was just wondering how exactly it works? So it only marks the last person to kill me? Does it only mark them until they die? Does this mark show through walls? Can multiple people be marked at once? Just generally how useful is this?

It marks the last person to kill you for a short while.
It will disappear after that while.

Okay I will explain the general workings of Nemesis:

When you are killed by a opponent and re-spawn - upon re-spawning there will be a red X marked on your screen which shows the enemy position and follows them wherever they go. This can be seen through walls and the marker will stay on them even if they crouch. There is a time limit to this as the marker will disappear usually after about 10 seconds or so.

Effectiveness ? Well I could write two pages on the effectiveness on this armour mod. It is not something I would usually use in Infinity Slayer. I just think personally there are too many variables on the battle field that might stop me getting to my enemy target if we were on the bigger maps or he could be guarded by a team mate. Maybe this armour mod would work good on maps such as Haven, Adrift and Abandon but it honestly depends. Unless you’re a highly skilled player just blindly rushing someone because they killed you first can be a risky move and this armour mod promotes such behaviour. I think this can be a good team armour mod to use but just be smart with it.

I played a game with it and decided that its horrible as a support upgrade. The only way this would ever be useful with the way it is is if I didn’t know the maps.

This might be decent if they stayed marked until dead… might… or it would be pretty good if it marked everyone that shot at you. (would go great with hardlight shield on open maps) But it really just sucks…

The only way this mod would be useful as is is if it was a tactical package with all the other sub par mods. As is nemesis is trash.

Hey, everyone remember when half of the forum was complaining about Nemesis by saying it would be a total gamebreacker by giving away sniper’s position and such? I certainly do.

I’ve used it a couple times, and to be honest, on big maps, it’s not that great. It would be good for small to medium maps… but you have to be smart about it. watch the death cam, see if he was alone, where he was, what he was doing, etc… and then if you can, and want, then get your revenge, but if he’s surrouned by people, or in a vehicle, stay back, get the right weapons if you can and then act according… most of the time, I just used it to get a feel where they were, and 99% of the time, they were squatting and camo’d by a tree in the middle of Ragnarok, lol.

It’s not too great because the Waypoint marker over your enemies only lasts for a few seconds, which may not be enough time for you to actually locate your enemy. Halo 4 maps are pretty big. It also encourages reckless play, as you’ll try to rush to find your killer but you’ll be sniped off the map in the open by another player.

Nemesis is good for:
-If you don’t like the other armor mods
-If you want revenge so bad
-Extra Revenge points

I only use Nemesis for occasional 1V1’s and other Custom Games.

i havent used it yet but my thought is that it would be awesome in 1v1. aside from that i think there is better options.

It puts a waypoint on the player that last killed you once you respawn. It lasts for about 5 seconds and is utterly useless.

5 seconds isn’t enough…