Negativity drowning out excitement - positives?

Hi everyone.

Just wanted to express that every where I look about H5, forums all over seem to just criticise, criticise and criticise some more. It really is derailing my hype - I try not to let it, but I go onto an apparent positive thread and there’s another negative thrown in there by someone.

So. Positive points about H5.
I will kick start -

Can’t wait to see what twists and turns are in there, that are alleged to occur at the mid way point. New enemy faction? Some sort of big twist with the arbiter and the swords of sanghellios and their motives? I want to see a twist on the scale of the Flood in H1. Stories that take a sudden flip part way through are always the most gripping.

Well the game looks great and what I’ve seen of the environments, they are simply stunning. With a couple AI fixes from those campaign builds, playing around with the squad mechanics is going to be a lot of fun.

Aside from that, I have realized seeing criticism everywhere has a lot to do with your own psychology. I know this because I used to go out and specifically look for it, I obsessed over it and it made me go crazy. Thing is, you have to remember that for every comment dripping with sneering sarcasm there a lot of people voicing how excited they are about these and those features. If you’re excited, that’s great, I am too, but your own evaluation of the game should be most important.