Negative Division

I am the founder of the Negative Division and in a rare move I am posting to try and find new members for my Spartan company. I am sadly the only active member left who cares about the company.
I am a huge fan of breakout and love strongholds, Your taste may not be the same as mine and that’s ok. I encourage you to play what ever game mode you like, whether alone with close friends or with other company members.
If you are down to join you are more then welcome to join and help increase our number and get the BadA$$ gear with us. If you know friends who may be interested please feel free to invite them.

My only requests are

  • You are 18+ - Are motivated and a not going to fight with fellow Company members. - Can speak English or American Clearly if playing with other members (communication is key to winning) - Work hard to win but a losses are expected - Can joke around and take jokes - Willing to have fun even when things get hectic
    I will also grant ranks in the company to people who put in hard work and show a love to the company that I am trying so hard to keep afloat.
    If you have questions Msg me over Xbox Live and we can get things rolling.

See you on the battle field