negative credits in amory HELP??????????

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hey uhmm i was playing halo with my sister and then i bruaght carter or juns voice and then i played though a mission and went back into the amory and notice i had negative -56789 credits and just wondering why and i need this fixed and people are saying that they cant see my service record thats because i join to xbox live with my account spongebob and then the name got changed to toppingclover 81 and then i changed it to benji5545 and i dont know what happened because my xbox live doesnt work any more anyway ya i was talking to microsoft support just before and they referred me to this page so i can write what i told them and they said in 24 hours a manager or something should reply i need to know why this happened and can my credits be reinstated i have lost of 120000 credits had 82… something or rather and then i braught carter or juns voice and then i had negative -56789 credits in amory

You’ve already got a topic asking about this.