Needs more original maps

Im really excited for Reach. This is the first Halo game I’ve really committed to, as I just bought a Xbox 360 over a year ago. But my first concern is the lack of original maps. Besides the few presented in Forge World, only a few others pop up. I do, however, have much faith in Bungie. Can we expect a map pack within the Holiday Season?

Man I hope so. I get real tired of playin forge maps over and over. The infection maps rule though.

There are 17 maps in Halo Reach if you include all the firefight maps, of which only 4 maps are based on maps from older titles (Haemorrage, Asylum, Pinnacle and Reflection). I’m not sure what you mean by ‘original maps’, can you elaborate please?

He probably means ones which are not in the Campaign.
Halo: Reach has no original maps whatsoever. All Multiplayer maps available right now are Aesthetic/Forged and just don’t play well at all. Still I love how the campaign turned out.

If only 343 could take control of Reach and fix what Bungie (or what’s left of the original team) left broken.

If I have a theory it is this.

Ex-Bungie employees knew that Bungie was going to hell and decided to jump ship to 343. Smart move to make after misleading Activision to take Bungie.

Slick Moves there, guys. Make us proud.

Actually I’m pretty sure Activision conned Bungie into joining. Have you not heard about how Activision treats their people?

i think the idea from bungies view they spent alot of time on the forge world they want you to try and make your own or see others but online matchmaking they will probably look around for cool maps people have made and make them avalible