Needs more battle-bro playlists!

Right now as it stands Halo 4 is GREATLY in need of playlists that function well with 2 person parties.

We used to have muli-team, doubles and hell, even invasion was good with a bro because of the spawn on your bro function. I’m sure if 343 crunched the numbers they would see that an overwhelmingly vast amount of the population plays in 2 player parties. Yet, we do not have the playlists to facilitate it.

I cannot wait for this Infinity Slayer challenge nonsense to be over so 343 can get back into switching out playlists every week.

Things I would love to see:
Multi-Team (2v2v2v2)
Objective (Including KoTH, Oddball, Flag, extraction)
BTB (Now including Objective)
Forge maps…Forge Maps…Forge maps…

Please 343, make it so.


> i would really like to see multi team:) you can play that with anyone since players usually dont go full tryhard in there

I’m DYING for muli-team KoTH. Actually I’m dying for KoTH in general, but muli-team KoTH has the largest potential for CRAZzZzy moments out of any gametype.

I Really hope they don’t make multi-team 3v3v3v3 again. Did not enjoy that in Reach