needler issues

I find that online I always die extraordinarily fast from needlers, as in the minimum 8 bolts within 2 seconds. BUT as soon as I use needler it either doesn’t kill at all or requires the full clip.

Furthermore, its not an issue to poor aiming skills, the reticle is red and within range of the homing, something is just off and I don’t know what, does anyone else have this issue?

The projectile speed makes it a tricky weapon.

If you’re getting shot at by a Needler it seems it kills extremely fast, but in reality, the other guy has been firing for a while now. The needles just take a while to get to you. When they finally hit it’s BOOM. If you are the one firing, the projectile slowness is a lot more noticeable.

Also, if you just hold down the trigger, you’re going to fire off more shots than needed before you even hit the target.

Make sure the reticule is red otherwise the needles do not track. You need to follow your target and aim well. Also make sure you burst fire, the needler has bloom like other automatics and like other automatics is more accurate and deadly with faster kill times when bursted.

I tend to shoot where the other player is usually going when I’m in CQC, due to the slow projectiles. It’s a lot easier when I’m shooting close to Mid-Range, where the tracking of the needles are better.

Also it takes a ridiculously small amount of needles to blow somebody up. It’s like 4 or 5.

I’ve had no such issues, it seems on a good day I can get 3-4 kills per clip with it.