Needle sniper?

BEFORE posting a comment, i know that we are not fighing covenant in halo 4. Thank you.
I would like to have a needle sniper in halo 4, it would be 1-clip weapon that fire a bullet that looks like a the needle ammo in halo CE.
It would work,on impact like a spike grenade, as well as delivering the same amount of damage as a focus rifle shot.
If you like/dislike the idea, leave a comment below.

What makes you so sure we aren’t fighting the covenant?

Great minds think alike I guess. I drew a design of what I thought one would look like about 4 years ago and had pretty much forgotten about it until now :smiley: I think it would be an awesome weapon to use against whoever the new enemy will be.

> What makes you so sure we aren’t fighting the covenant?

Because the covenant were defeated (at least their command) at the end of halo 3. And the halo 4 trailer shows a forunner-like world which chief in heading straight into. That is why i think we are not fighing the covenant.

Because there is no more such thing as the Covenant :wink:

How the Elites-UNSC “alliance” turns out is yet to be seen, but it seems very likely Halo 4 (at least) will focus on Chief and Cortana once again on their “own” without UNSC backup in a remote part of space. What happens later on in the series is even more of a guess, but maybe some ex-Covie races will turn up then. Around the time of H4 none of the species we know of are in a fighting condition, Elites and UNSC are holding up best but even they are not likely to play a large role yet.

On topic:
A Needle Sniper would be cool, but I’d always envisioned a Brute sniper to be even cooler. Think about it: a long, primitive looking rifle with a big bayonet attached, shooting a 30cm long glowing hot spike that pierces right through enemies…just brutally epic.

Well,i like the idea,but we first nedd to know if there’s going to be Covie Weapons.

we are no longer fighting covenant in halo 4 master chief faces a new threat

I’m getting sick of all these needle weapon ideas. Nobody has the imagination to come up with a new gun that still fits Halo?? Needler is cool, Needle Rifle was ok at first but no more, needle grenade is interesting, needle sniper… kill me now.

How about a gun that shoots a little harmless beam of light in to a small lens that turns the little light in to a deadly huge beam of really hot warthog blasting light. Look in to the beam and your vision becomes really bright and hard to see till a few seconds after you look away, get hit by it and die relatively fast. The gun will be pretty powerful which is why to balance it you will need to shoot in controlled bursts of fire or ells the lens will over heat and break before the gun is out of ammo. There, some damn creativity.

Elites better show up. At least in a few levels.

I’d much prefer a needle grenade launcher.

…eh hopefully some one finds this funny:

Carbine > Needle rifle

… don’t leave me laughing on my own.

I definitly agree on a second sniper weapon other than the UNSC sniper, but 343 has the oppportunity to create any sort of sniper weapon, opening the door for something completely different from anything weve seen before and maybe more amazing than anything weve seen before

> we are no longer fighting covenant in halo 4 master chief faces a new threat

Please read the 1st thing i said before commenting.

I just thought of this could there be covinent wepons on the destroyed dawn. This may be because, i cant remember exactly but, in the cut scene where the eliet human forces are beging to attack the covinet forces on the ark you see Jihnson exchanging covinent weapons with unsc weapons and im pretty sure there on the dawn or are they in the dawn which is inside the super carrier.

So basically there may be a possibility that some covinent weapons may return but its not a big chance.