Needle Rifle Legendary Weapon... PARAGON

This is a great precision weapon on it’s own, yet it also is a great specialist weapon with unique properties. I think this should be a legendary weapon of T’Voaon Shipmistress Chol Von who seeks to create a Kig-Yar government of vessels… in my personal opinion, I believe she will be instrumental in the Reclaimer Saga for the Kig-Yar.

NAME: Paragon

WEAPON: Type-31 Guided Munitions Rifle/Launcher [Modified]

DESCRIPTION: The Paragon is a custom variation, of the mainstream Type-31 Rifle, wielded by the Kig-Yar T’voaon Shipmistress, Chol Von, who’s name is a tribute to her fallen crew during the Skirmish on Pious Inquisitor, in March 2553. The Needle Rifle serves as a ultimate reminder that Kig-Yar will remain slaves to the Covenant religion and government, unless she alone, acts for her people’s sovereignty and freedom.

The Paragon uses unique blamite crystalline that are mined on a remote region of Suban,one of the moons of Sanghelios. The rare pocket yielded a considerably younger and more volatile blamite crystalline… than most stagnant blamite mines used in the Covenant Empire… which was produced due to the radiation distortion of the Covenant capital engines. The blamite classification, reds, pulsates a glowing central core of maroon soft crystal which is not cooled to central standards of the popular variety which illuminates the ammunition in the chamber and creates a clash of violet and maroon blamite.

APPEARANCE: The Paragon is more or less like its Type-31 Standard counterpart, however, the Paragon possesses red blamite crystalline in its northern chamber casts and has opague yellow and orange symbols across the purple hub of the rifle, which represent each fallen Kig-Yar’s clan insignia.

PROPERTIES: The Paragon has a higher rate of fire and does more explosive damage than the Type-33 Needler, thus requiring less crystalline blamite to detonate (five instead of seven), however, due to the high velocity and unrestrained explosive power they possess less tracking. The red crystalline are susceptible to explode mid-air before reaching the designated target if they hit a stationary or mobile prior target ie they can be shot before reaching you.

Sounds great. oh and superb vocabulary and halo lore used there

Very nicely written, and I could definitely see this working well.

Appreciate the comments thanks.

Also for further reference Paragon was the name of Chol Von’s vessel which she used to board the Pious Inquistor, and also means ‘outstanding example’.

actually really like this

Any reason to bring back the Needle Rifle I am all for

First I was like "hmm’ but then you were like “Chol Von” and then I was like “gimme!”.