Needle Rifle in Halo 4?

We haven’t heard anything about it yet. I’m really kind of hoping that it makes it in. I really liked it quite a bit.

Increasing the number and variety of precision weapons in the game is a good thing. Precision weapons are really the bread and butter of competitive multiplayer games, so including more flavor in that category adds more flavor to the core of what will make the game.

We already have 3 precision weapons already, we dont need more.

> We already have 3 precision weapons already, we dont need more.

4 weapons actually. BR, DMR, Carbine, and Light Rifle.


> We already have 3 precision weapons already, we dont need more.

It isn’t a matter of needing more, it is a matter of more adding more diversity to the game.

Since I don’t see the assault rifle being changed, the needle rifle can fill the role of the automatic that can headshot which has been lacking in other Halo games. It is just a fun gun to be honest, seeing that supercombine is a lot of fun, and adding a horn to someone just looks cool.

i loved the needle rifle. that and the plasma pistol are my -Yoink-. i’m glad that they are bringing back the dmr. diversity is good

I doubt it’d makea return. It was far too underpowered. But it was way too OP against enemies with no shields.

I prefered it over the BR and Carbine

but 4 weapons is pretty much enough

bring some more pistols that’s being said

Carbine>Needle rifle

Given the Covenants more limited role and the fact that the Carbine snatched the N’ifle’s reticule makes it seem unlikely to return. I think the Carbine fills the role just fine.

Variety is nice, but there is some point it is just to much.

I certainly wouldn’t mind the return of the needle rifle (I love it), but there are already 4 non-ordinance precision weapons.
It also wouldn’t stand a chance against any of the others; it’s slow and needs 7 shots to kill.

I would like to see it return, but I don’t think it will. There are already so many precision weapons.

Yeah, I want it back as well.

Sure, we have the DMR, Covenant Carbine, Battle Rifle and Light Rifle right now, but it’s good to have some variety. Some diversity.

I don’t think it will be returning. otherwise, we probably would’ve got some info on it by now.

But hey, there’s a small chance it might be in.