Needing someone to play team wars with

My gamertag is Animis22 I just want someone to help learn how to be better honestly

I would recommend instead of jumping right in rank, doing some vs. AI play lists first. They are far more relaxed and people will be more willing to help you in there.

To start you can just watch what your teammates are doing and try and copy their build orders. Once you feel like you are definitely contributing to the ‘wins’ in vs. AI, then jump into ranked games.

Running with some of our members will for sure help yo and will be fun along the way!!! We are part of the MG League which includes MG Eclipse… MG Perception and MG Machine. We have in house tournaments every month for MEMBERS ONLY, We do alot of HWC and other competitive playlists… We have alot of other competitive aspects but those are just to name a couple. We have over 100 Members total and everyone HAS to be active to remain in the clan so you know you would be with active Halo players!!!if you wanna join let me know here or ad me on discord. Melton Gaming#1969 Discord is the best way to reach me and will get the quickest response.