Needed Site Additions

Waypoint needs 3 important thing added to the site

  1. a Official Halo Wiki, where all true information is located

  2. a Location to Post Forge Maps (Like Forgehub)

  3. a New Image and Video Page like Bungie had but should be closer to Being “Free”, like

Basic (Free) - Standerd 12 File Share Slots
Waypoint Pro ($) - 24 File Share Slots
Waypoint Elite ($) - Unlimted File Slots


I’m sure this will all be included in the November Site update. All the Halo Stats are being put on this site and the forums are being totally updated, And maybe organised into different games.

Give it time, these things will happen in the coming months.

I’m sure they will eventually

Official Halo wiki is a great idea.

We already have a place to post maps. I would actually like something similar to the Files Forum on Bungie in early Halo 3 days.

As for the File Share upgrades, that’s fine by me. As long as it’s still purchasable off the XBL Marketplace. Unlimited Files would be impossible by the way. Think of how that would clog up the system.

I agree with all those points, OP