Needed Changes on Highlands!!??

Yes I realize the DLC just came out, and IMO the MP MM maps are incredible, but I’ve heard a few rumblings in different threads about Highlands & wanted to see what the majority thinks so far?

The map is fast-paced, absolute chaos because of all the power-weapons & such, and there are so many different strategies to use that it’s almost impossible for a team to camp one spot AND dominate, which apparently is the source of many of the complaints I’m seeing so far.

  1. You SHOULDN’T be able to spend 15 minutes per match in a vehicle, but considering there is a Spartan Laser, 2 Rocket Launchers, a Plasma Launcher AND a Grenade Launcher, the Ghost and LAAG 'Hog just don’t seem like the right fit for this map. The terrain and gameplay are too vertical to allow many splatter opportunities, and the plasma cannons/ LAAG are too underpowered or have limited firing range to really be effective, so the vehicles seem like more an annoyance than a real threat. My solution? Gauss Warthogs and Banshee(s)!!

  2. Power weapons SHOULDN’T be so limited in ammo/ spawn time that the only way to get them is beat the other team or YOUR team to them, so I’m ok with shorter weapon respawns.

  3. Snipers SHOULDN’T be able to cover the entire map or have the relative comfort that all they have to do is take down the other team’s sniper and they can dominate the rest of the match. Yes, players CAN camp the bases with Sniper Rifles, but they have very limited fields of fire so they can’t cover the whole map from there, and there are so many ingress points to each base that they are very vulnerable to players sneaking up on them. So they trade mobility, cover and vision for limited accessibility and high ammo counts, so again- I’m ok with this but others don’t seem to be.

I posted this as a poll on BNet if you’d like to vote-

Sorry, but the map works perfectly well for me. If someone is dominating in a Hog, I take it upon myself to take the Hog out since obviously nobody else on the team is. If a sniper is doing too well, go get them. It’s the same for EVERY map, not just Highlands. If your team doesn’t take care of business do it yourself.

Yep, some major weapon and spawning issues unfortunately. Going on current form, I’d say they might consider fixing it in say, six or seven months time.

The only problem I have with Highlands is when everybody votes for Snipers. So damn boring.

Only thing that needs fixed is for all CTF games that if your flag is stolen it doesnt show on the map.

I personally love Highlands, I just think it has way to many power weapons. Perhaps the rockets should have less ammo, remove the plasma launcher, put the laser in the pelican (or keep the plasma launcher but remove the laser) and move the grenade launcher somewhere else. Just my two cents.

> If your team doesn’t take care of business do it yourself.

hoo-rah. If only all plans executed as well as they were conceived. I’m usually the designated Point or Guerilla-warfare myself for just such occasions.

Almost perfect map. Too many PW and the spawn times for them are too frequent. If they do decide to fix those issues the map will be epic IMO. I think I get killed by the AR or DMR 10% of the time the other 90% is dominated by PWs. The sniper has so much ammo. Sniper doesn’t need to conserve so he can feel free to take out the Warthog with a few rounds.

Forgot about the sniper thing too. I’m gonna start experimenting with alternate weapons layouts, see if I can find anything that’s better. I’m sure 343 and bungie will get an updated version in before long.

I haven’t run into many games on Highlands where a score of 100 is actually reached. Seems like a good setup to me. The amount of power weapons makes sense for the amount of space. If there aren’t as many, it just turns into people waiting for them and not navigating the map.

I love the fast respawn times. It just keeps it fast paced, awesome and something else im not sure how to explain.
Maybe adding banshees or falcons would be fun.