๐ŸŽˆ Need your Help! - How much would you pay for this week's shop items? [Poll + Results from last week]

Please take part in this poll about shop items:

Week 3 of Polling is over and here come the results:
I would say, those items performed better than the week before, even though everything is still rather average at best.

For example, the Perfect Circle Armor Effect was valued around ~200 Credits and had an interest-score of 3. From my experience playing the game, I actually saw quite a few people using this item.

So I wonder if an interest-score around 3, perhaps even 3,5 is kinda the best you can get, considering you canโ€™t please everyone. An item with a score of 4-6 must be something veeery special, universal liked, which you canโ€™t drop every weekโ€ฆor can you?

Besides that, Iโ€™m kinda surprised by the Sixth Gate Shoulders. People would pay 161 on average for them, which is quite high, especially considering those are just two shoulder pieces and there is no cross core, yet. However, its interest-score of 2,3 was somewhat low in relation to the price-score. Kinda odd.

Anyways. This week was also the first week when people were able to add individual comments. While some of them were quite pointless and only consist of one word, some of them complained about the same thing: Cross core.

By that I mean that the ability to use a coating, visor or whatever across more than one armor core would easily make raise an itemโ€™s value. This also goes for weapon coatings. So if Cross Core would finally arrive, people would probably spend slightly more on store items.

This week, engagement was a little higher again - so thanks a lot to everyone who participated and perhaps even shared this poll!

The link for a new poll is above.
Perhaps on a personal note: Iโ€™ve always been a fan of the Gungir Helmet, and Iโ€™m curious to see how it will perform this week. I have my thought, but more on that next week, I guess :smiley:

Older results:
05 (2022) - https://forms.gle/1EPkc53hTsbHFUxv6
04 (2022) - https://imgur.com/a/jh4muOw


filled out my form
kind of made some essays lol

did you also post the form link to your other posts? just in case?

also, I think the only thing to fix for the form was to have the second question 1 to 5, only cause I bet a few (including me) are so so on how interested on buying. but this is a minor nitpick honestly lol

Yea, I see :smiley:

Well, I just posted an update at the end with a link to the new post and hoped this would be enough.

Actually, I picked the 1 to 6 scale, so you canโ€™t select the absolute middle - because thatโ€™s such a meaningless result :smiley: Between 3 and 4 you have at least a minimal tendency towards like or dislike.

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yeah, thatโ€™s fair. makes sense. :slight_smile:

ok mom Iโ€™ll fill out your poll.

Edit: actually a well designed poll. 343i should value this. I do think it would be preferable to say the exact cost in dollar amounts instead of the credits but that could be wonky with international folks so idk.

Iโ€™m not your mother :grimacing:

Yea, I thought about that at first, but then I also had to think about international currencies :sweat_smile:

Donโ€™t forget to do-a-poll, fellas
:eye: :lips: :eye:

Still need more people to do the poll :smiley:

But as far as it looks right now, the Stormfall Armor Set performs really well. People like the main-items and are willing to pay a little more.

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Last day of polling :grimacing:

I could really need some more participants.
Last week engagement war really good, but this week is rather sad, again :pleading_face:

I keep seeing you do these but the link never worksโ€ฆ am i missing something? I swear the forum dont allow them

Edit: got it, missed a part of the link lol

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Results + new poll are over here:

So please donโ€™t comment over here anymore :grimacing:

How did this not get banned for posting a poll. Yet i saw a poll get taken down after asking if players are happy, the mod simply said โ€œno pollsโ€