Need Voice Actors- No more needed

I am making a five part Halo Reach machinima (aiming for 15 minutes each episode).

I need a major voice actors as well as minor ones. Here is the list a follows.

Major Roles

Omicron: Reserved for storminator54.

Nu: Reserved for Everyday Math.

Xi: Reserved for Onyx Conor

Recurring Characters

Theta: Reserved for Spartan70.

Iota: Reserved for Eagle.

Eta: Reserved for Chunky Monkey

Alpha: Reserved for Airmail.

Jones: Reserved for Verbury.

All minor voice actors recruited.

To enter you must have Xbox Live (to contact you). When you enter send a Friend Request to my Gamertag: W1ltz and you can then send me a message to say what character you would wish to be. Also please respond to the thread and give me any criticism you want. I am open to criticism and when I give you the scripts you can tell me if you would change anything.

Lastly, filming days will be on a Saturday as that is when I have the most free time and my friend can upload it to the internet the next day. Also I’m 16 so if you don’t like working with people my age you don’t really want to be part of this.


I can try i guess :3 im free on friday ?

ill need all the help I can get so yeah, add me if you wish to be in it. Also who would you like to be?

> ill need all the help I can get so yeah, add me if you wish to be in it. Also who would you like to be?

I cant do a American accent :frowning: Im British ?

its all right you can be Xi, Jones and a Minor voice actor (4 positions for that). I need at least two people who can make an Elite voice.

Looks like im going to be Xi.

Ps: Im 16 aswell :smiley:

cool, looks like that position is filled.

Ok :smiley: Might i ask what your youtube name is.

we haven’t done much but here you go

Ok you should check my Machinima trailer out. Im going to subscribe :wink:

thank you, anyone else wish to voice act?

I can’t do it but I have a friend who does VERY GOOD voice acting, his name is Dream053, just send him a message.

Do you need body actors? I can do some.

the more the merrier, send me an FQ so I can tell you when it is, also ask your friend to send me one as well.

Have you got a skype so its easier to send the Lines. I hate email ¬__¬

yeah I don’t think I can send it right now though. Also I’m currently adding to the script (its currently about 10 minutes long) so I’m gonna add an extra scene. Also some parts are bugging me so I need to edit it a bit.

more places need to be filled

When is it, this Saturday? I could do it, but I’m only 14, so my voice might be a little bit higher than you’d like. I mean, I’m not like a high talker or anything… Anyway, what do we need? Just a mic?

just a mic and its ok you can do one of the minor roles. But I really need to hear your voice to decide, but it shouldn’t be a problem, and no its not this Saturday. If everything goes well it will be next Saturday.

My voice can be deep enough. It’s fine. But I’ll let you decide. I could be Theta. I’m a guy, American, and very quiet.