Need Voice Actors for Halo Machinima!


  1. Have Skype

  2. Have High Quality Mic (MUST HAVE)

  3. Must be willing to work with others

  4. Must be human

  5. Must have a working mouth

Dr. Raymond (Current Auditions: 0)

Gender: Male

Summary: Starter of the Spartan Five Project along with Logan. He gave Logan’s fire-team orders to secure the information in the UNSC Spartan Research Facility

Role: Main

Vaht’ Lunjasee (Current Auditions: 1)

Gender: Male

Summary: Leader of the Covenant Cause Faction who plans on transporting a bomb from a forerunner world to Earth that will cause massive destruction. He doesn’t care who you are, if you get in his way, you will die

Role: Minor

Small Extras: (Roles contain maybe 1 or 2 lines for character development purposes, will be credited in machinima for voice acting)

Spartan Mercy (Current Auditions: 0)

Gender: Male

Summary: One of many Spartan IV’s captured by Vaht’ Lunjasee

Role: Minor

Questioning Elite (Name will change later) (Current Auditions: 0)

Gender: Male

Summary: One of many Elite soldiers working on the command of Vaht’ Lunjasee

Please Follow the requirements for auditioning for these characters and thank you for applying!

  • Joshua Jemmerson, Head of Epic Machinima

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