Need Voice Actor's and Body Actor's for a Machinima

Hey! So to sum it up I’ve been working on an idea of a Machinima for a while, and I plan to start filming and more in the coming summer. The only problem is that I am in need of more body/voice actor’s. As for voice acting, we need all we can get, and some roles assigned will be important while others will be minor, and the same goes with body. So what’s gonna happen?

Well, as a brief summary this Machinima will be set on the UNSC Colony world of Skopje in the year of 2542. The story will center around a group of ODST’s known as Alpha Squad, and will follow them through their highs and lows. As for what roles I need I can’t say too much, so please PM my Bungie account, gasung617, or my account on here, or friend me on XBL with my Gamertag being gasung617 if you are interested. Thanks for your time.

I don’t do much BAing (none really ;)), but I do a mean Dr. Claw :slight_smile: Actually I think it is closer to the Micheal Bay Sound Wave. I also do Stitch. Actually I can still do Mickey Mouse it seems. Not the new CGI one but one of them.

I used to be able to do Christopher Walken, sooo lost that one.

I can speak with the Jackolopes too… if that helps.

That would be great. If are going to voice act I need to be able to hear your voice and assign you a role so please friend me on XBL with my Gamertag being gasung617 when available. This also goes with all other people who want to participate.