Need training with mid range weapons and tactics

Wondering if anybody could help train me in slayer with close range tactics and also help with aiming?

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> Wondering if anybody could help train me

I can teach how to whittle if you want?

Just a tip you might want to edit your post to add what you specifically want training in? I’m sure someone can help you out, but you may want to let them know what you’re having difficulties with.

Hey brotha. If you want some training and a good team you should check out my clan. We do training daily and would love to have you. If your interested add me! Teh x Shadow.

MG Eclipse is the clan for you, we are a top Halo clan. We have people from all ranks from silver to champion and you never go a night without a fireteam to play with… We have Monthly $$ Tournaments and Giveaways including Xbox One X Giveaways… And currently have 4 people who host training sessions on a regular basis. We are a -Yoink- free clan so a chill good time is always happening here. Check out us out at MGEclipse.Com or look at our spartan company page MG Eclipse.

(Also might take a peek at our tournament site, MGEclipse.Pro)

Hey, I’m Ethan.

I may not be the best player but I have played at higher levels than I look like I have. I played on an amateur competitive team called SLG or, by the end of my career, NDS. I have some tactics and setups you may want to learn. I’m also a decent shot (unless it’s swat, I can’t do anything there) so I should be able to help you out. I won’t be on for a bit but whenever I’m on, you can message me and I’ll respond. I might be a clan kid but I won’t just make you run through a pointless map that has no point and/or practical use whatsoever. I will not ask you to join a clan either (unless you ask first then I’ll happily take you :slight_smile: )

If you would like my assistance, I will help, no strings attached.
Looking forward to working with you