Need to Update the Roster Interface

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The biggest flaw in the design of this game that I’ve noticed so far is with the roster. Previous Halo games have done the roster really well, others not so much. Why can’t 343i developers take notes from the previous good designs and simply copy them?
Minimum things that I think a roster interface should address:

  • Show me which of my friends are online. - Show me which of my online friends are in Halo 5. - Show me what my Halo 5 online friends are playing. (e.g. Warzone, Campaign, etc) - Show me which of my Halo 5 online friends are in a party. - Group my online Halo 5 friends by party if multiple friends in the same party.That’s what I see as a bare minimum. Other things that would be great to have too:

  • Let me see who is in the party, whether they’re my friends or not (just list gamertags) - Let me see the party privacy settings (are they in an invite-only party) - Let me see time remaining on their game they’re playing (also, how old is that info?) - Indicate who is the party leader.I really would like to see this interface updated in a patch. Anyone else like to see these changes too?
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I agree, the roster is only about halfway there. Need to be able to see what they are doing, and who they are playing with. Grouping friends that are playing together (like in MCC) is also expected these days. I like how fast and responsive it is, but in it’s current state it is useless to me. I’d like the option of a “simple” view for folks who care less about the fancy emblem artwork that each friend has, and more about what the friend is doing.