Need testers for Cartographers Contest

My map was influenced greatly by Silent Cartographer and I’ve been working on it for a year and a half now. I need enough people for two teams of 5. Please send friend request to me and I’ll invite you to the game. I’ll try to start by 11am eastern time. Thx!!

I’ll be glad to help!

don’t you think a year and a half is a bit long for a forge map the most time consuming i have took 3 months

A year and a half’s work means: Off and on, coming back to it occasionally to make changes especially now that there’s a contest to submit it to. Thanks. : )

I’m in. GT is KIN9 N1NJA. Add you when I get home. Doing another round of testing tonight at 7pm.est.

Already sent you an invite. Looking forward to it.