Need teammates for big team battle

whats up fellow halo players…i wanna start off by saying im not the best player i just like playing this for fun… i was looking for other players that would like to play in big team battle …im tired of getting stuck with -Yoink- players that betray you jsut so they can score the points … like i said im not the best player and im not looking for th best players just people who play like to play the game and not be little -Yoinks!- lol…it would be nice to assemble a team with a sniper a run and gunner and an ani vehicle personall …(cuz i hate those dam banshees) if anyone is interested my GM is skILLPHraYm hope to see you out there on the battlefield

Add my gamertag “paradlse.” No that’s not a typo that’s an “L” not an “i”.