need sum info, guys

ok, like the tag says, im in need of some info, and active help if anybody is interested
ive mentioned in a few other threads that im writing a Fan-fic about a splinter-cell/Faction based paramilitary organization that is independent of both the UNSC and ONI
now my timeline for their start is around 2020, it involves some things of my own and a couple others creations, such as species, techs, abilities, etc.
this organization is called the SIGIL, I chose this name partially because of the definition of the word itself ‘A device used in magic to create a desired or specific outcome.’
now magic aside, I think that is pretty accurate for what I had in mind for this organization. their long term(at the time) goal was the unification or total alliance of the governments of the earth.
ill fill this in more later if any one likes.

what I needed help with was the timeline of the Halo universe on earth during this time, nothing ive read, found, or anything mentions what happens prior to the 2160s…

does anyone know of what happens or a way to look it up?

for those of u who wish to know more about the SIGIL or would like to get involved in it, message me on here, thnx