Need Spartans for Competitive H5 (New Players OK)

Hey Everyone!

Our Spartan Company, Syndicate Gaming SgN, is looking for a small group of consistent players for ranked H5 slayer. We’re looking for people who can commit about four days a week from 8-10PM PST (more like 8ish to whenever). We would like to find people with a CSR from about Gold 6 to Platinum 6 who are serious about advancing their overall level of play and climb the CSR ladder. We’re easy going and fun on comms, but serious about our overall goals. Bring your sense of humor and be cool with some light banter.

We would like to expand into other game types but would prefer to do so with a group who can play cooperatively. Our requirements are fairly loose but here’s a couple of things that we would like to stay a bit more ridged on:

  • CSR between G6 and P6 - Positive (or near positive) K/D - At least 40% W/L Ratio - Have Mic and can communicate effectively during matches (No need to know all the callouts, this can be learned) - Can consistently commit two hours in the evening four days a week - Able to take (and give) constructive criticism - Willing to commit time to skill building custom games like Octagon and CQB TrainingIf you feel like you may be a good fit and are interested in what we’re trying to do, check out the full description in the spartan company bio on my profile. If interested, you can respond here or contact me on XBL to join us for a night. We’ll be playing every evening this week, so add and message myself (SgN Vio) or our secondary contact (NerdyPanda72).

We look forward to playing with you soon!


It seems many people within the previously specified stat range are already part of or have their own substantive Spartan Companys, as most of the messages I’ve gotten are about merging or joining with larger companies. With that, we would like to update our minimum skill criteria to the following:

  • At least one CSR at or over Silver 6 (if you don’t play ranked and don’t have a CSR, please message) - K/D above 0.5 and W/L above 35% - Available at least two days a week (3-4 preferred) - New players are welcome on a trial basisImmediate commitment is not expected, so let’s play a few games and see how we fit! Message SgN Vio or NerdyPanda72 on the forums or on XBL; if you see us playing, join party and game as both are set to open. Thanks!

Spartan Company Waypoint Page: Syndicate Gaming SgN