I am looking for a person to complete the challenge of completing three cooperative halo 3 missions, the challenge is limited in time and there are only a few days left to remove it, the reward is a very cool nameplate. I need people to play on the pc version

Sure I’m down. Send me a message.

Hello Guys,

I’m looking for 2 people in order to do some achievements in the MCC.
If you want to know, for example :

  • Annual : Halo 3: Complete Halo on 4-player Legendary co-op, with Iron Skull, and everyone in Ghosts.

Maybe we can help eachother.
Send me a message if you want to do that.

I’m down for coop. Send me a message.

I’m also looking for players to casually work together with going after some of the challenges. Co-op mission challenges and whatnot.

emile1138 on steam, add me or shoot me a message or whatever!