Need some people to make A halo/PUBG gametype in F

I want to create a pubg halo game type. But because halo is limited in the amount of players it might be kinda lame but wanted to build a map anyways. Anyone Interested disgusting or even help me make some maps. Let me know.

you will need a large variance in weapons and power ups, to give it that looting feel you need players to have that OMG I NEED THAT! I think you should try to make the map as identical to pubg as possible, so trees and and maybe some vehicles, you might even want to get a map of pubg its self to make it as real as possible. But pubg does not have tanks and wasps so to make it feel as pubg as possible i would only do scout variants of warthogs and mongooses so non lethal vehicles. i think this is a great idea i find it hard to believe that no one else has thought of this yet.

Exactly, what should be done, message me if you are interested in helping each other make a full scale map. I wanted to make the same map exactly like pubg. but it will be hard to copy. I don’t oppose that idea. Same with the mongoose and warthogs. It will bring vehicles the center of importance. Like pubg made the guns. A separate game type for guns and power ups. and a separate game type for vehicles just to see what vehicle play will do to the whole chemistry of the game play. But most definitely start with the guns and power up. for sure.

I have been messing around in forge as of late and i think i could help but I am not the best at building things. i would love to help but you might want to find some one who is better at making things in forge.