Need some opinions on this game type for H4

my idea was sorta weird but it could work idk but here it is

Assassins Creed sorta style

16 player game type
-you have a target assigned to kill and only 1(once you kill him target will change)
-you can ONLY assassinate them/beat down which ever you prefer.
-you kill wrong one you dont get any points
-all spartans are black
-all have energy swords and a pistol(no ammo in it for different assassinations)
-kill the guy thats hunting you down get double the points of killing your target.
-you will not know where the guy your getting hunted down from
-sprinting and P vision OR HOLOGRAMS available
-map has to be sort of like a 12 player map like not to big not to small (warhouse one with the mech is a perfect example)
-Once you have a killing spree one other person will be hunting you down so now you have 2 people trying to assassinate you (get a frenzy you get 3 people, etc)
-Time limit is 6 minutes NO SCORE LIMIT
-Game type is for action sack playlist for H4

thats sort of my game type lol I like to use my creativity sorry if its bad. I tried =/

EDIT: I am currently working on a halo reach custom game like this I will let people know once it is done so far its looking pretty good