Need some help with warthog spawning

Sorry Im not that good at forging the forging mechanics
What Im trying to do it have warthogs, mongooses and tanks spawn into a grav lift and go flying upwards through a kill ball and then smash down onto the map

The problem is that they spawn at the wreckage of the vehicle I’ve tried making a slope and getting them to spawn onto that then slide down into the grav lifts, however they still spawn at the wreckage.
Any ideas on how I could do this? Thanks

You need to place the vehicles above the gravity lift to that they drop down and then they get thrown up into the Kill Ball

But then when the warthog respawns later on it respawns at the burning wreckage of the hog not at the spawn point above the gravlift

anyone? please guys I really wanna be able to do this

Place the Warthog on top of a temporary block that is place where you want the Warthog to spawn. Now delete the block, the Warthog should be floating in mid air. If it’s not, try again. If it is then simply touch it while in monitor mode or shoot at it. It should fall, but will always spawn at the top. This is the only way to do this until 343i gives Vehicles and phased and fixed setting.