Need some help with Upstream Bandwidth

Reach has been telling me it’s “suboptimal” at best.
How fix?

This is mostly for firefight, by the way, it barely ever lags when I’m in Matchmaking, but multi-player Campaign and Firefight have been really hurting connection-wise.

i use to have ok, but its gone bad for me.

Due to having to use different netcode for firefight/campaign co-op becaus of AI scripting, you will always have some form of lag that isnt present in Multiplayer Matchmaking. Thats why you have it in FF/Campaign but not Matchmaking. There was an article somewhere, where bungie came out said the reason behind the different netcode. If you want to read more on it, try searching halo reach firefight netcode vs Multiplayer.

From what i understand, it doesnt really mess with anything, just means you wont be the host.

go to Google and search how to make your Xbox 360 DMZ host aka opening your ports

Almost everyone has bad connections in Campaign and Firefight online co-op.

Upstream bandwidth is always warning for me and yet my connection is smooth (no one complains about my connection either). Same goes for many people i play Halo with as well. My advice is to ignore but if your NAT is open and packet loss is minimum (good).

If both those (NAT and Packet Loss) are fine but your MM experience still sucks, it could that your service provider isn’t that good and you may need to switch to a better one (if that is possible).

In my experience, Campaign Co-Op and Fireight tend to lag more than the rest of MM. This is due it running off a different code or something. Couple that with some people with bad connections and it can be a pain in the -Blam! to play even for me.