Need some help with Forge Island

Okay guys, I’ve got this map put together for one on one duels with any weapon inside of the game. Now I’ve had a problem with this because of the fact that it’s on Forge Island, and when I turn teams off for a free for all so that I can get this game mode to work properly the spawns quit working. It’s on the larger island, and I have sixteen neutral initial spawn points along with sixteen matching neutral respawn points. I would like some help and would appreciate anyone who can shed some light onto how I could fix this.I have heard that there needs to be soft and hard boundaries for the map, so could that please be explained?

PS to all the guys at 343, I do have one request for the forge, which would be the implementation of a mass select and copy, otherwise great work! Keep it up guys, I’m rooting for you.

What little experience I do have in forge, I will try to help you with. Check the game type labels of the spawn points, and just to be safe, put a safe area boundary around your arena. If you set G-type labels, I’d put them back on none.

Boundaries are good to keep people from breaking out of your map, but they won’t solve this particular issue.

It sounds like you assigned all of your Respawn Points to a team. When you play FFA, nobody’s on those teams, so nobody can use those spawn points. This causes players to spawn at “emergency” spawn points that are hardcoded into the map.

It’s been a while since I’ve Forged in Halo, but if I remember correctly, the fix is as follows:

1. Make most of your Respawn Points neutral, instead of team-owned.

2. Use team-owned Respawn Areas to group your neutral Respawn Points.

In a team game, a team-owned Respawn Area should influence any neutral Respawn Points inside of its shape, essentially converting them into team spawn points. In an FFA game, however, team-owned Respawn Areas should be ignored, and neutral Respawn Points inside of them should remain neutral (making them available to everyone).

It seems like you have figured out your problem if you haven’t replied recently. But just in case I figured I would throw my two cents in.

Basically for simple FFA spawns it is easiest with completely neutral spawns, so:

  • no team colour/assigned
  • no game labels
  • not game specific
  • no respawn boundaries

If you want I could join you in a forge game to see what is up, my guess is it is something simple that you happened to overlook or accidentally change.

I will be uploading a video tonight on my channel going over how to make spawns work in forge for both FFA and Team gametypes. I find it is the best way to setup spawns for all types with the least amount of work.

Although worst case scenario you could always just make the spawns sided/coloured and make it a team based game :stuck_out_tongue: